The National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Warning for Avalon and surrounding communities starting Sunday, November 17th at 8:00am through Monday, November 18th, at 5:00pm.  A low pressure system will be off our coastline during this time period and will likely result in moderate coastal flooding at time of high tide.  Rough surf is also expected during this storm event, with strong winds and some rain.

High tide at the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge occurs Sunday at 10:49am and again at 11:32pm; high tide occurs Monday at 11:46am.

If you live on a street that typically floods during tidal flooding events, it is advisable for you to move your vehicle to another part of Avalon that typically does not flood.  Do not drive on any flooded street or through any flooded intersection as this puts you and your vehicle at risk and causes a wake that damages public and private property.  Portions of Ocean Drive and Dune Drive may experience flooding.  Avalon has prepared a flood risk guide to help assist you with knowing where it may flood, and where you may safely relocate your vehicle.

Avalon’s Flood Risk Map

If you have an emergency, dial 911.  If you lose electrical power, contact Atlantic City Electric directly at 1-800-833-7476.  Please remember at times of high tide it may be necessary to close the road leading to the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge due to unsafe travel conditions.

Continue to follow traditional media outlets for updates on this storm.  Avalon will likely issue a Code Red emergency call with updated information Sunday morning.

Here is the text of the Coastal Flood Warning from the National Weather Service:

Coastal Flood Warning

Coastal Hazard Message

National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ

315 PM EST Sat Nov 16 2019





The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has issued a Coastal

Flood Warning, which is in effect from 8 AM Sunday to 5 PM EST

Monday. The Coastal Flood Watch is no longer in effect.


* LOCATIONS…Tidal areas in the counties of Cumberland,

Atlantic, and Cape May.


* TIMING…From 8 AM Sunday to 5 PM EST Monday.


* COASTAL FLOOD IMPACTS…One to two feet of inundation above

ground level is possible in low-lying areas near shorelines

and tidal waterways. At this level, widespread flooding of

roadways is expected with many roads becoming impassable.

Lives may be at risk when people put themselves in harm`s way.

Some damage to vulnerable structures may begin to occur. In

Cumberland County, minor roadway flooding is possible in

Fortescue, Money Island, Gandys Beach and other locations near

the Delaware Bay shoreline.


* WAVES…Building to 7 to 13 feet on the ocean. Building to 3

to 6 feet on Delaware Bay…highest near the baymouth.




A Coastal Flood Warning means that moderate or major tidal

flooding is occurring or imminent. Be prepared for rising water

levels and take appropriate action to protect life and property.

Follow the recommendations of local emergency management



Do not drive your vehicle through flood waters. The water may be

deeper than you think it is. You will be putting yourself in

danger and your vehicle may be damaged, leading to costly



Visit the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service at for additional water level and flood

impact information for your local tide gauge.