In Avalon’s Emergency Management plan, a key component includes an agreement with the Cumberland County Technical Education Center to serve as a Red Cross designated shelter for the Borough of Avalon. The shelter includes ample room for Avalon residents who need sheltering, full kitchen and nursing facilities, and is 44 miles from Avalon.

If you require transportation, Avalon has implemented a system to bring those requiring assistance to the designated shelter. You will be transported in a commercial bus accompanied by Borough personnel at all times to the Evacuation Shelter. If you have a pet, you will transport it with you on the bus and then will check it in to the Pet Evacuation Shelter.  You will follow the same procedure in reverse to return to Avalon when the evacuation order is lifted.

When you choose to evacuate to the designated shelter, please be sure to bring the following items:

  • Form of ID
  • Medications
  • Insurance Papers
  • Important personal paperwork (wills, etc.)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, razor, clean change of clothes for up to five days, special dietary foods)
  • Phone numbers of important contacts (doctors, family members, etc.)
  • Pillow

If you choose to check your pet into the pet evacuation shelter, please include the following:

  • Leash/travel cage
  • Medications
  • Vaccination records
  • Blanket/other comfort items
  • Special dietary foods, etc. (generic cat/dog food provided)

Anyone in need of assistance is invited to voluntarily sign up for the call list. You may do this in two ways:


  1. Place your list items here
  2. Fill out the form below: