Pet Evacuation Trailer

In 2012 Avalon unveiled Cape May County’s first ever pet evacuation trailer. This trailer is a comprehensive public safety initiative including almost 40 installed cages that can be utilized in an evacuation or emergency. The trailer is equipped to fit cats and dogs of numerous sizes and is fully prepared and customized for the comfort and safety of pets with climate control, running water, a veterinary work station, and a generator hook up.

In the event of an evacuation…

  • Pet owners of dogs and cats are instructed to travel with their pets to Avalon’s designated shelter.
  • The trailer will be stationed next to the shelter for pet owners to place their dogs or cats in during an emergency.
  • Each pet owner must sign a  release form and will receive an identification of the location of their pet within the trailer.
  • Pet owners are responsible for helping to care for their pets and provide them food and comfort in the evacuation scenario.

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